2014 Hair Tool WIP

Work in progress of a 3D hair tool using softimage ICE and strands particles.
- I emit strands on a surface using or not a weight map to filter.
- I extrude my strands using the UVs of a surface to easily get the shape I want.
- Then I can add some hairs following a curve.
I have 3 different hairs modifiers :
- One to create locks by cloning each hair.
- One to curl the hairs.
- One to add some noise into the hairs.
Music : Bonobo - Cirrus

2014 Scatter tool

I did that tool to boost the production of students that wanted to easily create a landscape in 3D.
There is two scripted commands, the first is used to generate the scatered mesh on an object's surface, the second is to reopen the properties of the scatered mesh in order to be able to modify the parameters without opening the ice tree.
I used particles instances and the compound "Create Copies from Polygon Mesh". So at the end of the processus you can freeze the generated mesh and get one mesh for all the instances. Uvs and shaders are transfered.
Music : Rone - Bye Bye Macadam

Show Reel 2014

Demo Reel

2013 WIP - Biped Setup Generator

Work in progress of a biped setup generator tool. The tool is developped in python and the setup is drivent by ICE.
I'm working on the adjustment of the foots and the face. Some tools are coming also, as a symetry tool, a tool to choose what to generate, only some parts of the setup...

2013 Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice project developped in a team of 9 people. Program : two full CG animated teasers in HD with VFX. Each about two minutes long intersected by a level of video game. That story take place in a world of heroic fantaisy refereced by the illustrator Franck Frazetta

2012 Vulture feather system

Feather system of a vulture. Realised in ICE (softimage) the feathers follow the orientation of the animated geomtries normals and the orientation, curve animation and scale can be animated localy or fully by controllers easily used by animators.

2012 Vulture setup

Setup - Rig et Skin of an HD vulture.

2012 Troll gear setup

Setup - Rig et Skin of a troll gear. The difficulty was to make the pants and belts match with his adjustable bely.

2012 Archer setup

Setup - Rig et Skin of an HD characterand his gear.

2012 Hair strands system

Particles System with ICE strands into a simulated geometry to get close of a complex 3D hair system, renders are comings.

2011 Softimage ICE Tool: Procedural generator on curve

Still in progress, this tool allow you to generate multiple instances of a geometry at equal length on a curve. Here nails on a leather strap. The tool has usefull options(watch the video). Done on Softimge Ice for a scholar production.

2011 Softimage ICE Tool : EyeLashes Generator

Work in progress of a tool that generate a selected geometry on a curve, here for eyelashes, this tool comes with his options to rotate, translate, scale or bend eyelashes as needed to get the effect you want. Done on Softimge Ice for a scholar production.

2011 Video Game Project

Video Game Project realised with Vincent Gradt on UDK, project time : 30h, 1770 triangles for 12 assets, 12 tiled textures of 32 to 512 pixels, 2 animated shaders.

2011 Enfantastique

Short moivie project done on the occasion of the end of my computer graphics license at Pôle IIID in Roubaix, France.
I was project manager of a team composed of 4 members.
The production last 5 months. The modeling, rig & skin, animation, shading and rendering were done in 3D Studio Max 2011. Textures in Photoshop CS4. The sound and the registration of voice over Audition CS4 and ProTools. Mounting and color corrections, and calibration in After Effect CS4.

2010 Mecanic Animation

Scolar project of animation. The subject was : Créate a mecanical animation starting with an insect.
I've take references on real dragonflies, then i started drawing some sketches of a mecanism that could be grafted on the dragonfly.
I've been quickly to the modeling and rigging. the set has been add after.
The compositing in After Effect was long, many pass and effects were needed to get this quality of rendering.
SOFTWARE MAINLY USED : 3D Studio Max 2011 / After Effect

2010 Robotic Animation

Scolar project : animate a robot in 7 hours then render it
SOFTWARE MAINLY USED : 3D Studio Max 2011 / After Effect